Yoga retreat

We are very happy to receive a group that wants to use the house as a yoga retreat. The location is extremely high in positive energy, and the more people benefit from this, the happier we are ♥

In 2021, Ann Schreppers from Belgium came here with a group to practice yoga in the amazing nature of Arcadia. The theme of this retreat was ”Wisdom and Wilderness”

And no one can explain this better than Ann herself:

“Imagine … That you can make your wildest dream come true, while making the world a better place … Imagine waking up to the sound of nature, to open your eyes and see elephants pass by. Imagine an infinite pool, overviewing the lush nature of Africa, watching the sunrise over a fire red sky, while you feel your inner joy sparkle bright.

Take care of yourself, while getting inspired by educational projects, elephant sanctuaries and the beauty of giving and receiving. Your retreat gives back… to both yourself and the local community.

In this unique journey to Africa, your childhood dreams become reality, as we return back to our roots of joy and light and – while discovering the wilderness and traditions- embark on the unforgettable journey within and around. Unleash the wild & wise soul inside and be part of this incredible journey of life”.

For more details about this retreat, see the Programme 2021 link.