There are plenty of wild parks close to our house. Depending on how long you want to stay for, are willing to drive, if you like the smaller parks or the famous bigger ones you can make a selection, and we will be glad to advise.

If you would like to book a safari, you can ask our friends Nicolette and Lawrence from Mzury Safaris to advise you. Email:

We can also highly recommend you to book special trips and safaris with Elisabeth Stocker from You and Nature ltd Email: 

We also like Lions Bluff Lodge a lot, it is one of the smaller lodges, and more personal than most. Also the Lumo Conservancy trust is worth mentioning.

Then there are of course the big and famous parks, Tsavo National Park (East and West), and Masai Mara. They are famour for a reason.

The Amboselli National Park also comes highly recommended, and if you need a nice lodge there – check this out!

And if the ocean is more your natural habitat, you can go dolphin spotting and enjoy being on the water. Here we suggest Pilli Pipa Dhow Safari.