Welcome to the Arcadia Cliffhouse

Jambo dear guests, and welcome to our Arcadia Cliff House.

Overlooking the valley with the river Manolo, and the largest elephant sanctuary in East Africa, the Cliff House in Arcadia has been designed to give you intimacy with nature, combined with laid back luxury.

From the huge balcony of the Cliff House you can watch elephants in the river valley below, be enthralled by the sounds of dozens of bird species, watch the amazing African sunset, or just enjoy being surrounded by nature as you sink into the alchemy of our Arcadia. The name Arcadia is inspired on a poem by Ben Okri.

The house is nestled into the cliff, and you will find the ancient rocks are integrated into various rooms of the house. The color schemes, the decorations and the ‘green’ or ‘eco’ rooftop garden further enhance the feeling that the house melts into the cliff.

As a welcoming gift you will find a few bottles of wine, cold drinks, water and some fruit in the house, which we hope you will enjoy looking at the stunning view from the balcony.

So please, if you have found what you are looking for here – contact us directly by email, and we can make you a proposal – and your african dream come true ♥